Collaborative copywriting, confidence and accountability for small business owners just like you.

Melbourne copywriter Emma McMillan

Hello! I’m your Melbourne-based copywriter turned copy coach.

Writing copy isn’t rocket science, so let’s do it together. It’s more fun that way, too.

Think you need a copywriter? If you’ve got zero time and some budget to play with, perhaps you do.
But maybe what you really need is a copywriting coach.

Sure, you could keep investing in fresh copy every time you need it. But when you factor in a website for your business, plus all your ongoing emails, blogs, socials, ad copy, product descriptions, grant applications…it can really add up. Not to mention that sinking feeling when the copy you get back doesn’t *quite* sound like you.

With copywriting coaching, you can get those copy skills for yourself, along with support, accountability and actionable feedback on your copywriting from a highly experienced copywriter. Think of it as a long-term investment in the success of your business.

Whether you’re based in Melbourne like me or anywhere around the world, we can work together.

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Emma McMillan Melbourne copywriter and clear communications specialist

Meet Emma McMillan


I believe every small business deserves great marketing copy. By empowering you with copy skills, you’ll get the confidence you need to consistently connect with your audience. I bring 12 years of teaching experience to the table, plus six years of running a successful copywriting business. This means I understand how people learn, as well as the realities of small biz life. It’s a pretty unique skill set and I’m running with it. Want to join me?

not just about copy podcast emma mcmillan

The Not Just About Copy Podcast

with Emma McMillan

This is a copywriting podcast, but it’s so much more than that. At its heart, this is a podcast all about connection. How we use words to connect with others, and the lasting impact words can have on us.

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I can now write what I really want to say… you’re the person everyone should have in their team.

I knew I wanted to work with you Emma, to share with someone who is not in the business. I just had to block out time for it. I found your feedback and explanation of the reasons behind it the most helpful part of the coaching process. As a copy coach, you really care, your comments were always on point and you’re curious. After sharing openly with you and not holding back, I can now write what I really want to say. You’re amazing at what you do, Emma. You’re the person everyone should have in their team. Thanks for everything.



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Writing copy isn’t rocket science, so let’s do it together.

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