About Melbourne copy coach Emma McMillan

Introducing your copy coach, Emma McMillan

Here’s what I believe: Everyone can write better. Including you.

As your copy coach, I’m here to help you develop the copywriting skills, confidence and habits to write better for your business or role through copy coaching – a blend of coaching, mentoring and accountability. I bring 12 years of teaching experience to the table, plus seven years of running a successful copywriting business. This means I understand how people learn, as well as the realities of small business life. It’s a unique skill set and I’m running with it. 

As host of the podcast Not Just About Copy, I share inspiring conversations with small business owners along with practical coaching episodes on how to write better copy.


These things are important to me. If they also resonate with you, we could be a great fit.


I challenge myself and others to be courageous in business and in life. I get a kick out of saying yes to things that scare me a little bit. It’s how I grow.


I evolved careers from education to copywriting and copy coach to learn new things. I continue to upskill and expand my thinking – and I’ll never stop.


I love connecting with people, connecting people to others and connecting ideas. I work best when client work is relational, not purely transactional.


I want a business that goes the distance, so boundaries are important. My weekends and evenings are for friends, family and ‘me’ time. Full stop.


If I don’t make time to play, write and explore for myself, I can’t do my best work for clients. Creativity begets creativity – the more you do, you more the want to do and it’s a beautiful thing.⁠

And in line with boundaries, we may not be the right fit for each other if:

  • You’re not ready for a collaborative process
    Copy coaching is all about working together. If you can fully invest your time and energy in the process, this leads to the best possible outcome.

  • You’d rather outsource all your copy
    If you’re dead set on outsourcing, I respect that and will happily recommend some trusted peers. Please don’t ask me to deliver copywriting services as refusal may offend.

  • You expect round-the-clock support
    It’s very important to me that I carve out time for rest, creativity and time with my family and friends. For this reason, I don’t work outside of business hours (except by arrangement with overseas clients). When we start working together, you’ll get very clear expectations upfront so I can show up for you as the very best version of me.

About Emma McMillan - Melbourne copy coach

About Emma

Once upon a time…

I got my degree in Creative Writing. And then, like many creative professionals, I struggled to see how this translated into a paying job. Enter two further qualifications, Dance and Business Management then a Diploma of Education. As I look back now, it’s easy to see how each step has led me to where I am today. Ah, the wisdom of hindsight.

Back to my first teaching job. Year 9 Drama with a room full of 15-year old boys.
This taught me very quickly how to grab my audience’s attention and sustain it.

I directed, choreographed and produced numerous school productions over 12 years.
This was the most intense project and stakeholder management of my career. I also helped so many student performers ‘show up’ courageously to connect with their audience.

I gradually added more English classes to my teaching load.
To be able to talk about language and the power of words with young people all day – pretty ace.  

Yet over the years, I craved a change. I loved teaching, but the administrative load became a real energy suck. I felt there was something else in the wings for me. And eventually, my skillset led me back to a career in words – where I first began. 

But how to make it happen? Cue maternity leave. In 2016, both my son and my business were born. And here we are. 

Now I get to spend my days helping small businesses and teams grow their copy confidence and audience connection by getting clear about what to say and how to say it. How lucky am I?!

When I’m not working with clients, you can find me on the yoga mat, Sunday batch cooking, enjoying a glass of Pinot with family and friends or puzzling with my 7-year-old.

Emma supported me to learn through the copy coaching process

I was looking for copywriting support as I lacked the confidence to be able to write in a style that is compatible with our product. Copy coaching felt like a no brainer. I could have hired someone to write copy for me. The downside would have been that I would have had to accept their approach and their style. Through our copy coaching sessions, I learnt a lot about how to succinctly bring the copy to life and how to better order my thoughts. Emma just didn’t write the copy. It was a coaching process and she supported me to learn as I drafted the copy. Emma is talented, calm, able to see the bigger picture and incredibly easy to work with. She always sees the positive and gives constructive feedback sensitively. Emma is a gem – a great writer and copy coach.


Ready to feel copy confident?