7 Simple Ways to Instantly Refresh Your Home

We’re already 11 days into 2018...what the?! How are you going with your resolutions for the new year? If you’ve been spending time with me on Instagram, you’ll know I’m not really into making them, but more about choosing themes that resonate with me. I’ve noticed a lot of people choosing a word to focus on for the year, which I love the idea of.

No matter your style - resolution, theme, word or ‘no thanks’ - this post may interest you. See, refreshing your home ties into many facets of your life. If you work from home, as I do, it helps to keep me interested and motivated. If you’re home with young children, you’re spending an awful lot of time in the same space; change is not quite as good as a holiday, but it helps! Making small adjustments around your home can help you to move out of a rut, look at an issue in a new way or simply make you feel calmer or more positive.

Here are 7 super-simple and affordable ways to make your home your sanctuary in 2018.

Rearrange the furniture

This one will cost you nothing (except if you get carried away and purchase new things, for which I won’t be held responsible). Rearranging my room was one of my favourite things to do as a teenager. It often really impacted the energy or vibe of the space. I’m no feng shui expert, but you could incorporate a few tips through some basic research on the interwebs.

Incorporate plants or greenery

If you've been following for a while on socials, you'll know I struggle to keep plants alive. This is why I have a mix of real and really convincing faux plants and flowers in my home. My pick of hard-to-kill plants right now are the aluminium plant, aloe vera and the humble fern.

Replace cushions or cushion covers

I used to have to justify this one to my husband, but now he’s totally on board. Changing the cushions has awesome room-updating potential. Plus, it’s waaay cheaper than replacing the couch.

New bed linen

Or, my favourite lazy option, wash and air dry the linen on a good drying day. There’s nothing like the feeling of fresh sheets. (Also, when did I start talking exactly like my mother? Eeep!)

Clear the kitchen bench

Take everything off the bench that you don’t use every day. Find an alternative home for it. If there is none, question whether you still need it.


We’ve moved house twice in the past 14 months (yes, fools) so I’ve done this step a few times recently. Gosh, it’s such a great cleansing activity. Go through any serious-clutter areas in your home, such as wardrobes and toy baskets every six months and be ruthless. I pass quality items on to charity and good friends as part of this process, which ups the feel-good factor.

Visual happiness

This may mean art, pictures, your child’s artwork or photos of family and friends. There’s no right or wrong way to display things as long as they bring you joy.

Tell me, what are your tricks to instantly refresh a home? I’d love to know, so I can try them out.

P.S. Now that your home is refreshed, are you keen to refresh your business message for the new year? I can help with that too. Be in touch to see what a copywriter can do for you in 2018.