A live 8-week online program for small business owners and others who want to write better copy.

Part group coaching, part mentorship, all community.

Inside the Co-writing Content Crew you’ll get the guidance, support and accountability you need to actually finish that copy and get it out there.

(Plus personalised critique so you understand the WHY behind it all.)

Copywriting course online

Do you find it hard to write about your business?

  • You may not fully understand your USP – your point of difference.
  • Every time you sit down to do it, the process just feels awkward
  • You’re worried you’ll sound silly or blur the lines between business and personal life.

I hear you. That’s why I’ve created a hands-on group copy coaching program that’ll give you the confidence to hit publish, the skills to write with ease and fun and the headspace to build a connection with your audience.

Copywriting course online

Welcome to the Co-writing Content Crew

You may not be a ‘confident writer’ or know the ‘right way’ to write copy. Let me start by saying, there’s no one right way – but there are plenty of things that can help.

Because I’ve got a feeling even when the creative juices are flowing and you get in the zone, there’s every chance your social post, email or blog post ends up where so many pieces of writing do… unpublished and sitting in a Google Drive folder.

This is a safe, inclusive space to bounce around ideas, get an objective eye on what’s working and learn how you can tweak your copy so it really pops – and sounds like you.

Wouldn’t it be great to sit down to write – and feel like you know what you’re doing? Imagine having your audience and a clear purpose in mind, the structures in place to craft your work and the confidence that you know how to do this?

I would love this for you, too.

Here’s what people say about the Co-writing Content Crew…

Your content was so practical, achievable and realistic – this was the best part.

‘The Crew appealed to me because I enjoy learning in a group, having access to others’ challenges and insights. I was aware that there is much to learn and improve with my writing, so this was a direct solution to my challenge.

Your content was so practical, achievable and realistic – this was the best part. In other courses I have been a bit frustrated due to the complexity. Yet in your course, if anything wasn’t clear I could ask in the moment, and as a result I was never left in confusion. In the 8 weeks, I received all I had hoped plus so much more, including strategies and techniques I can continue to implement on my own.

The opportunity to have documents reviewed was absolutely top value and the space to present in the hot seat was fabulous. I also enjoyed the different focus that came up each week for us to learn about: tone of voice, pillars and batching socials were key ones that I have used so far.

It has truly been a pleasure, Emma.’


I’m so grateful for the feedback you provided and the way you provided it – so compassionate and thoughtful.

‘In the Crew, I learnt so much about the structures, systems and processes that are part of writing online for a business.

Learning about content pillars was such an ah-ha moment. I’d been struggling with my socials and knew I needed a plan, but wasn’t sure what kind. This was a moment of learning something that I didn’t know I didn’t know. Having other people in the group was super helpful. I really benefited from other people’s questions and I appreciated the preparation you put into answering these and the slides you shared which helped lay out your thinking and response.

It was also amazing to have the copy critique. I’m so grateful, not just for the feedback you provided, but also for the way you provided it, which was so compassionate and thoughtful. I felt really seen and able to receive your suggestions.

I now have clarity and a sense of purpose around the writing I am doing and want to do. I also have a better picture of how to plan, organise and repurpose my content. I felt like the space was going to be held in a way that would be supportive for me…and it was.’


I now feel more confident in my writing style – and got accountability in spades.

‘I wanted the accountability to write more consistently. I had a goal of writing blog posts too. I love your energy and enthusiasm for copywriting and knew I would get a lot from the 8 weeks together. I wanted the accountability most of all and I got that in spades.

The copy critique and the breakout sessions for individual help were so valuable, as well as the co-working sessions which really helped me to stay focused. It’s one thing to learn new techniques and skills but then to have the time to then apply them with accountability. The co-working component was definitely a unique and valuable difference.

I now feel more confident in my writing style. Through the copy critique and the breakout copy sessions, I’ve learned key things that can be improved in my writing. The group format was great to be able to get different insights on content writing.’


The Co-writing Content Crew is for…

  • Small business owners with service or product-based businesses who have loads of content to write but lack confidence (or the accountability to make it happen)
  • Emerging copywriters, content writers or VAs
  • Members of marketing and communications teams or other businesses who need to write regular content and would love some guidance to do so.

If you love company when you write, feedback as you go and the chance to bounce ideas and learn from others, this is the space for you.

By the end of our time together, you’ll be able to…

  • Feel copy confident

  • Face the blank page with confidence – and a plan
  • Write quickly and confidently – with purpose and intention
  • Find joy in your writing practice
  • Share your words and message courageously with your audience.
website copywriting melbourne

Hello, I’m Emma!

Copy coach. Educator. Podcast host.

I believe every business deserves great copy. Working with a copywriter is one way. Another is to equip yourself with the skills, confidence and accountability to write your own. That’s where I come in.

As a copy coach, I’m here to guide you to connect authentically – and consistently – with your audience. A former teacher of 12 years, I’ve run my successful copywriting business since 2016. My unique skillset gives me a deep understanding of both how people learn and the realities of small business life.

Find out more about me >

Here’s what people say about the copy coaching experience…

‘You were so supportive and encouraging about what I had written and it felt like such a team effort. Using customer-focused language now seems so obvious, but it’s not something that was on my radar. Thanks for not only giving cohesion to what was on the page but for teaching me some of the ‘how’ and ‘why’. This part of the process was incredibly valuable, confidence-building and empowering.’ 


‘I enjoyed working alongside Emma in co-writing sessions, bouncing ideas off each other and watching her tweak my copy so it flowed much better. This kind of collaborative experience was just what I needed to give me a confidence boost with my writing.’


‘Emma, I find you so organised and easy to work with. You corral my chaos! I loved brainstorming with you during our co-writing session. The questions you asked really helped me clarify my goals and desired outcome for the email sequence.’ 


Here’s the lowdown on the ins and outs of the Co-writing Content Crew

Term 3, 2023 program

Just like school, this program runs during term time (you can take a teacher out of the classroom…). So, it’s flexible enough to work around your life and schedule.

Numbers are capped at 12 people, for lots of up-close-and-personal time.

Term 3 (July 2023) dates TBC

Group coaching call and co-working dates
Coaching 10-11am + Co-working 11-12pm

Exact July/Aug program dates TBC

Can’t make a call? No stress! All coaching calls (10-11am AEDT) will be recorded so you can catch up in your own time.

cowriting content crew


The Co-writing Content Crew program includes:

  • 8 x weekly modules – watch the video/listen to the audio in your own time and complete a focused activity
  • 8 x weekly group coaching calls (recorded) – ask all your burning questions about the weekly topic and get in the copy hot seat for live feedback
  • 8 x co-working sessions – the accountability you need to finish that copy and hit publish – plus jump into a breakout room with me for instant Q&A
  • 1 x deep-dive personalised critique of your copy (to 1000 words) – cash this in anytime between week 2-7 for marked up suggestions in your Google Doc and a video walkthrough of my feedback.


  • Access to a private Facebook group for support, connection and question-asking between coaching calls.
  • Content prompt library packed full of thought starters – so you can just start writing!

Here’s what to BYO:

To get the most out of the Co-writing Content Crew, bring along your copy drafts in Google doc format – the rougher, the better!

You might be:

  • Nutting out new website content or refreshing something you’ve outgrown
  • Developing blogs to grow your thought leadership
  • Committing to email consistency
  • Creating internal documentation (recruitment or client onboarding materials)
  • Developing assets to support the customer journey (lead magnet, email sequence)
  • Mapping out a social media or PR strategy, or
  • Something else!

I’m here to help you with the copy your business, side hustle or day job needs right now.

Your investment

8-week program $880 AUD

(Price includes GST for Australian businesses and is paid in 4 x fortnightly instalments – or a single payment on request)

The Co-writing Content Crew comes with a no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee
Once we get started on Feb 10, you’ll have 14 days to decide if the Co-writing Content Crew offers genuine value for you.

Now, if you’re anything like me, you won’t want to sign up for a group coaching program without hearing my voice or coaching IRL. I don’t blame you.

Here’s what people say about the copy tips and strategies I share on the Not Just About Copy podcast…

‘I’m loving Emma’s podcast – this episode in particular was full of so many great practical writing tips for when you’re feeling daunted by the blank page. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.’


‘Just a smashing podcast with a lovely smart host. Really worth a listen.’


‘Generally, I’ll listen to a new podcast episode and the info gets stashed away in the back of my brain, collecting dust and eventually fading away. BUT this podcast is different. Not only was there so much value jam-packed in, but I also found myself actioning the tips given the next day, sharing what I learnt during the week after and coming back for more. Emma’s voice, wit and wealth of knowledge take you on a journey and I can’t wait to venture again.’


‘Emma has such a beautiful way of explaining things clearly, and has answered multiple copy questions about my website, SEO and socials. So much valuable content in this podcast.’


‘Emma has a great perspective and I love learning about her approach to business, copywriting and creating authentic connection. Thanks for a great show Emma.’


Copy skills. Confidence. Community. Accountability.

Want in? The next round of the Co-writing Content Crew kicks off in July 2023.