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My 5 top takeaways from CopyCon 2019, Australia’s copywriting conference

What does Princess Leia have to do with website copywriting? Or Rio Carnival have to do with branding and client relationships? And why should we never, never, ever use the word passionate again? I explored all these questions and more at this year’s CopyCon, Australia’s copywriting conference. I’ve made investing in myself and professional learning a [...]

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The 5 qualities of a great copywriter

So, you’re in the market for a copywriter. When you first started out, paying someone to write your website copy was an expense you couldn’t justify. Makes sense. But, you’re out of that basic survival phase and thinking it could pay to get an expert on board. Because words? They’re not your thing. But for a [...]

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Introvert? Here’s how to navigate social media.

So, you’re an introvert in business? Here's how to get started on social media in a way that’s not wholly terrifying. If you’re someone with flourishing social media accounts or a little bit of a social addiction, this post is NOT for you! But, if you’re not on social media (but you know you should be) [...]

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Small Business Spotlight: Photographer Jess Worrall

Image: Lecinda Ward Meet small business owner, Jess Worrall Jess Worrall is as genuine as they come. A hilarious lady (she insists she’s much funnier than her Kiwi husband), Jess is also an absolute legend behind the lens. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jess, as she not only managed to snap some pics of [...]

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Holly Brunnbauer, Motherhood Melbourne

Unless you’ve spent the past year living under a rock, if you’re a fellow Melbourne mama, it’s likely today’s guest needs no introduction. But just in case, Holly, aka Chief Mama of Motherhood Melbourne, is a woman on a mission. Mum of two gorgeous boys, Holly was determined to create a ‘hood where mamas could go [...]

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5 Podcasts You Need to Check Out

I’ve been off the radar for the past week. Any spare moment in the car, out walking, around the house has been spent hooked up to the memoir Alone: A Love Story. Michelle Parise’s lilting voice has been in my ear, regaling me with her epic tale of heartbreak and the breakdown of her marriage after [...]

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Sophie Walker, podcaster, Australian Birth Stories

If you’re anything like me, perhaps podcasts have only recently come on to your radar. But now that I’ve discovered them, there’s no looking back. Goodbye dull commute or aimless walk, hello opportunity for learning, laughing, mindfulness or anything in between. Check back here in a couple of weeks, when I’ll let you in on my [...]

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