Andrea Drake – Fitness & Wellness Superstar

Andrea Drake is a real dynamo. Not only is she an accomplished Physical Education secondary teacher who leads a department, she is the inspiration behind Melbourne Fitness Diaries (MFD). Ange runs this group to empower women to take control of their fitness, strength and wellbeing. She operates with passion and infectious enthusiasm, and genuine joie de [...]

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Keeping Memories Alive – Father’s Day

Dads are super special beings. As children, we look up to our dads so much. They give us advice, guidance, support, loving us unconditionally even in those moments when we can be hard to love! They are our teachers, of football or cooking or music appreciation and how to tie our shoelaces. They pick us up [...]

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Why you need a Copywriter!

If I had a dollar for each time somebody said ‘Oh copywriting...what’s that?’ or confused copywriting for copyrighting, well, I wouldn’t need to write copy. I’d spend all my time reading great books, taking dance classes and binge-watching Girlboss. Actually, as a self-confessed word nerd, I’d still do it because I love it! To tell you [...]

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