Empowering you with the skills, strategies and courage you need to write copy that resonates with your audience on any platform.

Why work with a copywriting coach?

Small business life can be pretty lonely sometimes. And overwhelming, with so many hats to wear and things to do. While it’s great to outsource things that don’t interest you, if you’re here I’m guessing you’d love to take more ownership of your writing. 

You just don’t know how – yet.

So, even when the creative juices are flowing and you get in the zone, there’s every chance your social post, email or blog post ends up where so many pieces of writing do…unpublished and sitting in a Google Drive folder.

Want some accountability to actually finish that copy and get it out there?

  • Would you love to bounce ideas around, get an objective eye from a copywriting coach on what’s working and learn how you can tweak your copy for greater impact?

  • Wouldn’t it be great to sit down to write with a structure and a plan – so you feel like you know what you’re doing?

  • Imagine having your audience and a clear purpose in mind, the tools in place to craft your work and the confidence that you know how to do this? 

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I would love this for you, too.

Right now, you seem to be writing bits here and there with no strategy, consistency or joy, procrastinating (baking, anyone?)…or avoiding it completely.

But you feel ready to be courageous. To feel professional. And that means showing up and connecting with your audience. Which, frankly, all seems a bit hard.

As your copywriting coach, I’m here to help.

I’ve run my successful copywriting business for 6 years and taught for 12 years before that. Copy coaching is an inclusive, intimidation-free space where my skills intersect, and I have a special place in my heart – and calendar – for it. 

You’re invited to show up as exactly who you are, with your own unique challenges and writing style. Our sessions are a safe space for question-asking, nutting things out, learning and building on what you already know. Whether you have a new or established business, or you’re an emerging copywriter who’d love support to grow, you are in the right place.

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With 1:1 copy coaching, you’ll have access to:

  • The guidance you need to evolve your tone of voice, brand messages or content pillars and write audience-focused copy, so you can feel proud of how you’re showing up online.

  • A copywriting coach – experienced copywriter and former English teacher – on hand for 1:1 support, plus access to processes, advice, strategies, tips and templates.

  • The chance to experience writing about your business from a place of authenticity and joy – one that speaks to your audience and helps you build genuine connection.

It has given me more confidence with what I’m sharing.

I knew I needed some fresh eyes to challenge the work I’d already created. It felt very natural to work with you, and like a team effort. I now have a lot more clarity and conviction with the work we did together. It was thought-provoking to have a more full understanding of my message and work’s purpose. I’m so grateful for our time, Emma. It has given me more confidence with what I’m sharing. Thank you so much for being there to support me with putting together something I feel really proud of!


What does working with a copywriting coach look like?

Each session will explore exactly what YOU need. Your questionnaire responses help me personalise sessions to meet you where you’re at. To spark some ideas for you, here are some topics I’ve covered with past clients:

  • Deep diving to uncover your audience’s pain points, develop your key brand messages, content pillars and tone of voice, to be able to freely create content that connects.

  • Writing prompts, productivity advice and ways to move past writing blocks, develop a consistent writing practice and let the real you flow onto the page.

  • Co-writing sessions, packed with structural advice to help you craft website copy, blogs, social posts and emails that you can feel proud of, plus a strategy to roll out plenty more of these ideas.

  • SEO basics to help demystify keywords, titles and meta descriptions. You’ll also learn how to write SEO-optimised copy to increase your chances of real visibility in the search results.

  • (For copywriters) Client processes, such as briefing, onboarding, client relationships and time management to help you feel in control of your business and help it grow.

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Copywriting coaching is perfect for:

  • Small business owners keen for accountability and the skills to up their copy game.
  • Copywriters, content writers, virtual assistants or marketers who’d love to grow their confidence, skills and business processes with someone who ‘gets it’.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose your own adventure – a 3-hour intensive or 3 x 60-minute sessions
  2. Book online to get the ball rolling (woohoo, you’re on your way!)
  3. Complete your pre-coaching questionnaire so I can tailor the experience just for you
  4. Join me live on Zoom for your session – no need to take notes
  5. After your session, you’ll get a recording with a written summary with notes, actions and resources, plus email access between sessions for any lingering questions.

The coaching options

1:1 Copy coaching 3-hr intensive

Your investment: $825 AUD

(Includes GST for Australian businesses)

A copy coaching intensive is perfect for: 

  • Polishing a rough draft of website content. Come with the bones and we’ll co-write together, nutting out the structure, creating an impact and appealing to your target audience. 
  • Deep diving into your audience pain points, your business values, tone of voice and USP – unique selling proposition. Together, we’ll nail your key brand messages for all future copy.
  • Crafting an SEO strategy. We’ll research keywords and map these live to your content to optimise your online presence.

Pre-coaching questionnaire, 3-hour session, recording and written summary with notes, actions and resources, plus 1 week of follow-up email support.

1:1 Copy coaching series

Your investment: $275 AUD x 3 ($825 AUD total)

(Includes GST for Australian businesses)

A copy coaching series is perfect for: 

  • Co-writing sessions, where we work live to transform your draft content into something you’re proud to publish.
  • Developing a meaningful and effective writing practice, with practical tools and tips to make it stick.
  • Mentoring (for copywriters) to improve your client processes, mindset and more, taking real action between sessions.

Pre-coaching questionnaire, 3 x 60-min sessions (booked 1-2 weeks apart), recording and written summary with actions and resources, plus email support between sessions.

NOTE: This series works like a subscription – you will be charged every 2 weeks for 6 weeks

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Incredibly valuable, confidence-building and empowering.

It was so helpful having you cast your eyes over the jumbled pile of words I’d put together and giving them order and sense. I now feel so much clearer and better about being ready for building my website! I really enjoyed watching you work live, talking through the changes you were making – and, most importantly, why. You were so supportive and encouraging about what I had written and it felt like such a team effort. Using customer-focused language now seems so obvious, but it’s not something that was on my radar. Thanks for not only giving cohesion to what was on the page, but for teaching me some of the ‘how’. This part of the process was incredibly valuable, confidence-building and empowering.


Would you love to get copy confident?

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