Why work with a copywriting coach?

You’re pretty sure you’re no good with words. After all, that’s what your high school English teacher said. Who knew there was so much writing involved in running a small business anyway?

You seem to be:

  • Writing bits here and there with no strategy, consistency or joy.

  • Procrastinating, convincing yourself everyone’s more experienced/professional/capable than you.

  • Avoiding it completely.

But you feel ready to be courageous.

To feel professional. And that means showing up and connecting with your audience. Which, frankly, all seems a bit hard AND a bit scary. 

As your copywriting coach, I’m here to help.

copywriting coach

Because deep down you’ve got a feeling you could do this.

Right now, it feels cringy and awkward, like you’re trying to be someone you’re not. You just need some guidance and advice.

Enter your copy coach – part writing coach, part business cheerleader.

Let’s get you feeling great about your copy!

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With 1:1 copy coaching, you’ll have access to:

  • The support you need to get cracking and write that copy, so you can feel proud of how you’re showing up online.

  • An experienced copywriter – and former teacher – on hand for 1:1 support. There are no silly questions and I’ll freely share advice, strategies, tips and templates with you.

  • The chance to experience writing about yourself from a place of authenticity and joy.

It was amazing
to be coached
by Emma.

We discussed copywriting, how to use conversational copy in my website and event descriptions, using voice of customer data and all things SEO. I learnt so much and have lots of practical changes I can implement. Highly recommend booking in for copy coaching with Emma.


Copywriting coaching might look like this for you:

  • A one-off call where you get your burning questions answered, or a 4-8 week coaching plan.

  • Feedback on your copy projects to help you transform them from blah to oh yeah.

  • Digging deep to uncover your audience’s pain points to be able to freely create content that genuinely speaks to your audience. Like that nagging website, for instance.

  • Actionable strategies to help you move beyond your fear of judgement.

  • Writing prompts, productivity hacks and ways to move past any writing blocks to let the real you flow onto the page.

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Copywriting coaching is perfect for:

  • Small business owners keen for accountability and the skills to up their DIY copy game.
  • Newbie copywriters who’d love to grow their confidence and skills with someone who ‘gets it’.
  • Virtual assistants who offer, or who’d like to offer, copywriting services in their business.

Your questions, answered.

Do you want to be able to write and publish your own copy confidently? Do you have a lot of ongoing copy to write in your business? Do you want to learn how to structure a blog post or website? Do you need writing prompts to get you started? If you answered yes to any of these questions, copy coaching could be right for you. Let’s jump on a call first, to chat through your copy challenges and make sure it’s a great two-way fit.

 I used to be a teacher, so it comes second nature! Just kidding. For a one-off session, no. Although I will get you to fill out a pre-coaching questionnaire. For longer coaching programs, yes, you’ll have copy homework so I can review it and give you constructive feedback. It won’t be overwhelming, but you’ll need to carve out some time each week for it.

That depends on your individual challenges and goals for our time together. In general, you’ll feel much more confident and comfortable to write and share your own copy. You may have more of a plan of how to write or what you’ll create, or knowledge about structuring particular pieces of writing. The options really are endless.

If that’s what you decide is right for you, I’d be happy to chat with you about your project. I mostly write for established businesses, so if I feel your project’s not right for me, I’ll connect you to another copywriter in my trusted network. Get in touch via my contact form, share some details with me and we’ll take it from there.

I highly recommend
working with Emma.

Emma’s skills in communication extend well beyond the written word. She is a highly professional business woman who knows how to listen to the needs of the client, build trust and rapport and most of all leave them feeling that they have added value to their business.


Want to feel great about your copy?

Let’s jump on a call, chat through your copy challenges and make sure it’s a great two-way fit.

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