Copywriting coaching supports curious, collaborative individuals to write and communicate YOUR way

Why copywriting coaching? Well with so much of our lives and work online, it’s a great time to become a better writer. And not just if you’re a copy or content writer. We all need to write – in whatever role we’re in.

But, that’s easier said than done, right? 

  • Because you want the skills to write better
  • But they’re no good without the confidence to hit send or publish
  • Or without a clear brand message or tone of voice
  • And without a plan or strategy in place, you might just stay stuck
  • Which means you’re not building a connection – know, like and trust – with your audience.

See what I mean? It’s definitely not just about copy (which may be why that template didn’t quite work out like you hoped). And it’s definitely not for you if you’re looking for a quick fix. Introducing copywriting coaching.

When we work together, you’ll:

  • Uncover and address your writing blocks – as well as what inspires you
  • Get crystal clear on your message, audience and tone of voice 
  • Get actionable feedback on your writing and the tools you need to write better copy now and into the future.

If you’re really ready to become a better writer, let’s start the conversation.

Copywriting coaching Emma McMillan

Copywriting coaching will help you find the words to meaningfully connect, engage and convert

Right now you might feel this way about copywriting:

  • Lacking skills

    Copywriting feels like something only copywriters do – a bit of a dark art. You’re not sure of copywriting structures or processes (not to mention SEO and how it works!) – or how to apply them to your own context.

  • Unclear on your message

    Marketing feels impossible, as you’re not clear on your message, unique selling proposition or how to reflect your values in your writing. You don’t have content pillars or a plan so you’re posting things ad hoc that don’t resonate with your audience – and you’re not sure why.

  • Lacking confidence

    You may enjoy writing but find yourself self-sabotaging by not carving out the time to write or second-guessing yourself whenever it’s time to press ‘send’ or hit ‘publish’.

  • Just plain stuck

    You’re overwhelmed and over-complicating everything. You don’t yet have a system, strategies or good habits in place for creating and repurposing content. That means it’s back to the drawing board each time. Honestly, it feels easier just to avoid it.

  • Playing it safe

    You’re not connecting deeply with anyone because you’re trying to talk to everyone. Vanilla’s a great icecream flavour but you know it doesn’t build relationships, engage or convert an aligned audience. Calls-to-action for your brand either feel too salesy or they’re non-existent.

Copywriting coaching Melbourne

Everyone can write and communicate better – including you

Copywriting coaching supports you to write with purpose and consistency, craft a message, layer tone of voice and develop effective writing habits.

Here’s what that looks like in practice:

  • Understand the how and why of copywriting

    Learn simple frameworks and structures for writing better copy. We’ll also develop content pillars and marketing themes that align with the values and mission of your brand. Create your own templates, systems and writing habits to help you replicate and repurpose your copy.

  • Feel heard, seen and understood

    Learn how to gather useful client feedback, then let’s deep dive into voice of customer VOC) – the most powerful way to develop key messages that resonate. Get clarity on your audience, the purpose of your copy and the nuances of each platform so your message connects and engages with the right people.

  • Boldly step into your way as a writer

    Say goodbye to the stories you’ve been telling yourself. Give yourself permission to get on with writing and creating – minus the overthinking! Discover simplicity, ease and self-kindness which builds confidence and trust in your work.

  • Plan and write with purpose and accountability

    First, we’ll put all ‘shoulds’ in the bin. Then we’ll explore strategies to write more efficiently and make copy feel like conversation. You’ll learn how to plan your content so it’s meaningful and strategic, not reactive. Warning: You may start to feel joyfully spontaneous about creating!

  • Engage and build genuine relationships

    Start engaging regularly with your audience about what you do, understanding when and how to sell in a way that feels good. Use copy as a way to share the boundaries and values of your business, attracting a community of aligned, like-minded clients, client retention and referrals.

Copywriting coaching is an inclusive space where my skills in teaching and copywriting intersect

  • You’re invited to show up as exactly who you are, with your unique challenges and writing style.

  • Our sessions are a space for reflection, question-asking, learning and building on what you already know.

  • You deserve the chance to experience writing from a place of confidence and joy to attract an aligned audience and build genuine connection.

If you’re a curious person who values collaboration, reflection, learning and taking action – you are in the right place.

Find out more about me and how I work

The coaching is about more than just copy. It’s been similar to business coaching.

I needed to get out of my content writing funk. After 14 years of writing for my business, I was feeling uninspired and I’d hit a brick wall. I hadn’t sent a newsletter since last year and my posts on socials were sporadic. 

Working together has created a new writing habit and ideas are coming to me all the time. So much quality content written, scheduled and out in the world! I’m also editing my writing as if you’re on my shoulder giving me your top tips.

Reworking my content pillars was the most helpful thing. I now feel inspired by them and I have so many ideas about what to write – in an intentional way in my tone of voice. I can now really see the ‘why’ behind what I’m writing. 

The coaching is about more than just copy. It’s been similar to business coaching and you teased out different projects we could focus on – things that had been in the back of my mind for months. That’s what made the coaching so invaluable. Loved working with you, Emma!


Here’s how it works

  • Let’s connect

    We’ll meet on Zoom first to get to know each other, explore your challenges and make sure we’re a good fit to work together.

  • Book your sessions

    I’ll send your agreement and an invoice (payment plans available), plus the link to book your sessions and we’re away.

  • Preparation and pre-work

    Complete your pre-coaching questionnaire so we can get the most out of our time together and I can tailor our sessions to suit your needs.

  • Tailored sessions

    Join me live on Zoom for each session – there’s no need to take notes. The first session is exploratory then we’ll cover copywriting skills, confidence, connection, self-expression, and taking action – as they relate to YOUR unique situation.

  • Post-session 

    You’ll get a Zoom recording and written summary with notes, actions and resources within 48 hours via our shared Trello board.

  • Follow up

    You’ll receive calendar reminders about upcoming sessions. Contact me via our Trello board between sessions for copy review on-demand or to ask any questions. Following our final session, we’ll reconnect for 30 minutes to keep you moving forward.

Copywriting coach Melbourne Emma McMillan

Copy coaching is perfect for you if you are:

  • A small business owner
  • Leading a team
  • A member of a team – such as an in-house marketing or comms professional.

Put it this way. If you need to write as part of your role – and most of us do – you can benefit from copywriting coaching in so many ways. Copy coaching is also available for small teams (up to 4 people – price on application).

Your inclusions:

3-month package

  • Pre-coaching questionnaire and self-assessment tool 
  • 90-minute exploration session on Zoom to unpack where you’re at and where you want to be
  • 5 x 60-minute laser-focused sessions on Zoom including a mix of coaching & co-writing
  • 1 x 30-minute post-program check-in session to maintain your momentum
  • Tried and tested tools and resources to support you with your writing skills and habits along the way 
  • Zoom recordings and written session summaries with recommendations and actions
  • Email support and copy review between sessions.

Your investment

3-month copywriting coaching package

$1000 + GST (for Aus businesses) per month x 3 instalments (or pay in full upfront)

Total investment $3000 + GST

Your questions, answered.

Copy coaching is designed to support small business owners, freelancers and in-house marketing professionals to develop copywriting skills, not creative writing skills. We can cover all sorts of copy in coaching, however, the skills you’ll develop are often different to those you need as a creative writer. So essentially, if you’re penning a novel, this is NOT for you. If you’re writing website copy, emails, socials, proposals, lead magnets, case studies and more – you’re in the right place.

If you’re looking to develop a broad range of copywriting skills, key messages, tone of voice, confidence and writing habits…this takes time. Three months gives us plenty of time to cover the groundwork and establish your foundations, with plenty of time to practise, receive feedback and embed great copywriting processes and practices. By the end of our time together, you’ll be well and truly off and running.

  • If you need immediate, bite-sized support I offer a 60-minute Copy Clarity session to get you unstuck with a pressing copy challenge.
  • Alternatively, LinkedIn Profile Coaching might be the ticket. This is a 2-session mini-series where we focus on this one copy asset (though you’ll be able to repurpose it in loads of places!)

If you fancy a taster of what it’s like to work together, why not start with one of these?

Absolutely not! All Emma McMillan HQ services are gender-inclusive.

A membership to Not Just About Copy: The Community gives you access to group copy hot seat sessions, Q&A sessions and co-writing sessions, plus lots more (available on a monthly or yearly subscription). There are also some free resources you can check out, plus 70+ episodes of the Not Just About Copy podcast.

Yes! That’s exactly what my 1:1 Copy Clarity session is for. If you’ve got a particular challenge or question you need support with, an hour with me will get you the answers you need – and the momentum to move forward.

If you don’t enjoy writing at all, copy coaching is probably not for you. It’s not a done-for-you option and does involve you taking lots of personal responsibility for your copy. All my clients enjoy writing but want guidance and support to improve their skills, confidence or writing habits and processes (often it’s a bit of all three!). If you’re not sure, let’s have a discovery call and chat.

Your coaching series will include a bit of both. Think of it like riding a bike. While you’ve got your training wheels on, you might need some more heavy-handed editing and guidance, but the goal is to get you confident to go it alone (or in a community!) The most important thing is that you understand ‘why’ you’re getting feedback and ‘how’ to improve. That’s why any marked-up docs will often be accompanied by Loom video walkthroughs to explain things further. If you join me for a 3-month series, you have unlimited access to me between sessions to ask questions and receive feedback – and what you need will evolve.

I can now write what I really want to say… you’re the person everyone should have in their team.

I knew I wanted to work with you Emma, to share with someone who is not in the business. I just had to block out time for it. I found your feedback and explanation of the reasons behind it the most helpful part of the coaching process. As a copy coach, you really care, your comments were always on point and you’re curious. After sharing openly with you and not holding back, I can now write what I really want to say. You’re amazing at what you do, Emma. You’re the person everyone should have in their team. Thanks for everything.


Want to write and communicate your way?

Let’s see if we’re a good fit to work together.