Join the membership community for good company and content writing accountability…

Not Just About Copy – The Community

A supportive membership community – for small business owners and freelancers who want to build sustainable writing habits and get valuable copy feedback surrounded by like-minded folk. We’re all in this together.

Not Just About Copy: The Community

‘Getting into a good content rhythm was a high priority and connecting with like-spirited people.’


Inside the copywriting community, you’ll:

  • Get access to all-important copy support from a copy coach and educator
  • Get the accountability – and company – you need to create content consistently
  • Develop connections with a community of like-minded folk who ‘get’ small business
  • Create sustainable writing habits and practices that work for you
  • Grow your confidence in your brand messaging, tone of voice and writing style.

PLUS, you’ll save money by upskilling and taking ownership of some key copy assets. Hooray!

Here’s what people say…

‘The regular sessions were so valuable, hearing from and sharing with other small business owners in a safe, non-judgemental way. I realised that [writing copy is] not super scary. What’s shifted is my ability to feel comfy with being ‘me’ when writing copy and trusting my gut that what I have to say is valuable. I walked away with content I could actually use. Without the accountability, I wouldn’t have written anything.’


‘Having the support and accountability to produce content was what really appealed to me. The focus on a specific area was really interesting. Dedicated time to work on writing (with accountability and feedback) made it incredibly valuable during a time when I wouldn’t have completed any content creation without it.’


‘I was already a follower and listener of your content, so trusted that you had a lot of knowledge and wisdom to share. I felt I would be getting valuable advice from a great teacher that would help me grow my skillset in a new marketing position. My expectations were exceeded! I now have a regular writing practice and confidence knowing that having words on the page means I have something to edit.’


What shakes down inside the membership community? Here’s what.


Take action on your small business content in these hands-on sessions. From email newsletters to social media posts, website copy updates and more – there’s always something to write. Set your intention, shut off your distractions and we’re away. You’ll be amazed what you can achieve in a focused block of time.

In these sessions, you’ll:

  • Get company to co-write alongside with – we’re in this together
  • Make all-important time for implementation – it’s ‘working on the biz’ time
  • Write copy you can share straight away with your community – or that will move the needle for your business for months (and years) to come.

Copy Q&A

BYO burning questions about copywriting fundamentals, writing habits and practices, tone of voice, messaging and more. No question is off-limits. I’m here to help you move through whatever’s blocking you to a place of clarity and confidence.

In these sessions, you’ll:

  • Get answers to the questions you’ve been too afraid to ask
  • Learn by listening to the questions of others and my responses
  • Build your confidence to back your own writing, build your own habits and own your tone of voice.

Copy Hot Seat

Get expert eyes on your copy and practical advice to improve it. From emails to website pages or social media captions, bring along any piece of copy, an open mind and find out how to take it from meh to wow or good to great! It’s not scary…promise.

In these sessions, you’ll:

  • Get valuable, actionable feedback on a piece of copy – or tips to move it forward
  • Learn loads by watching others in the hot seat and considering how to apply the advice
  • Build your copywriting confidence, along with your bank of small biz copy assets.

A growing resource library

Get access to a growing library of companion Not Just About Copy resources, tools & templates to make writing for your business that much easier.

These resources:

  • Will help you implement the strategies I cover on the podcast, from writing website copy to building a word bank
  • Are designed to support you in your unique writing way by providing guidance not a one-size-fits-all template.

‘Dedicated time to write (with accountability and feedback) made it incredibly valuable.’


Love a bonus? Me too. Here’s what’s on offer:

Website copywriter Melbourne

Member-only pricing on courses & coaching

Once you’re in my inner circle, you might want to take it up a notch. To encourage you, (plus, you know how I roll), you’ll get exclusive member-only pricing on more from Emma HQ.

No Facebook group

Yep, you read that right. The last thing you need is the pressure to show up daily in yet another group. Instead, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to make connections within sessions. You can also opt to be paired up with a small biz bud for extra accountability and support.

online writing group
Quarterly content planning workshop

Free ticket to every Quarterly Content Planning Workshop

Let’s carve out time to get clear on your goals for the next quarter – and the copy you’ll need to create. Come along for free to each quarterly workshop – guided workbook included.

All this for $49 a month or a single payment of $490 a year – get two months for free!
(+GST for Aus businesses)

website copywriting melbourne

Hey there, I’m Emma.

Copy coach. Small business owner. Connector.

Here’s what I believe: Everyone can write better. That’s why rather than do it for you, I’m here to help you write better copy for your business.

I bring 12 years of teaching experience to the table, plus seven years of running a successful copywriting business. This means I understand how people learn, as well as the realities of small biz life. It’s a pretty unique skill set and I’m running with it. 

Want to write better copy for your small business and be surrounded by like-minded folk while you do it? You’re in the right place, friend. Welcome to our copywriting community.

Not Just About Copy – The Community is for…

  • Small business owners who have loads of content to write and need accountability
  • Members of marketing and communications teams or other businesses who write regular content and would love some guidance and company
  • Those who want the best bits of a community – company, implementation, Q&A, feedback, accountability – without the things you don’t.

And just to recap, your membership includes:

  • Fortnightly co-writing sessions
  • Monthly ‘Ask me anything’ Q&A sessions
  • Monthly copy hot seat sessions
  • Access to a growing library of resources.

Plus your bonuses:

  • Member-only pricing on coaching and courses
  • No Facebook group
  • A free ticket – including guided workbook – to all Quarterly Content Planning Workshops.

Here’s what people say…

‘I loved the time on Zoom when we were all writing together. Your calm and encouraging manner helped us feel confident about our written work. Your answers to our questions were clear and well thought out and your feedback on our writing was invaluable.’


‘Emma is a highly-skilled, captivating and knowledgeable sharer who expertly knew how to engage the audience and the content was SO useful. We all agreed Emma’s guidance would help us to impact more effectively, work more productively and hone our messages. Emma is a master of copy and of coaching others to write.’


‘It was so helpful to hear Emma’s insights and expert advice on how to write website copy with the intended user in mind. She was very generous in sharing tips on how to obtain valuable client testimonials for your site. Emma’s professional and clear presentation style keeps her audience engaged.’


Your questions, answered.

Sessions rotate through weekdays Mon-Fri. So in a typical month, there may be a Monday session, Wednesday session, Thursday session and Friday session for example. Sessions typically occur between the hours of 10am-2pm AEST. e.g. 10-11am, or 1-2pm.

As this is not a structured course, there’s no impact on sequential learning. But, all Q&A and Hot Seat sessions are recorded and live in the portal – catch up anytime.

No, it’s not. All genders are warmly welcomed at Emma McMillan Copy HQ.

It takes time to figure out whether a community is the right fit. By the time you’ve been with us for a few months, you’ll get a sense of the rhythm of the events and have had time to explore the resources. If you then decide not to continue your membership, just reach out 7 days before your subscription renews and we’ll happily take care of that for you.