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Copywriting for small business owners to banish overwhelm

When it comes to copywriting for small business owners, it’s comforting to know nothing is permanent. Want to amend your website? It’s a living, breathing document. Delete a post? Do it.

See this copywriting caper, it’s a calculated risk – a collaborative project. I’m here to be your copy sidekick, not your copy boss.


You want help with your website copy, but you’re nervous to hand over control.

I mean, what if it’s an absolute copy disaster? What if the copy doesn’t ring true, or worse, doesn’t sound anything like you? 

You get an uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach just thinking about what could go wrong. You’re in luck. Copywriting for small business owners is one of my favourite things to do. (And judging from the testimonials I’ve received, it’s been going pretty well so far.)

You know your site, your blog or company profile (or all three…) need to look more professional.

Maybe DIY or a mates rates deal cut it in the beginning, but you know using professionally written copy will elevate your offering. If you don’t take your business seriously, how can you expect others to?

The copy you’ve got out there already feels out of date and doesn’t reflect you anymore. Maybe you know what you want to say, but you need some help to capture it in words – you need just the right tone, succinct wording and flow. You want to sound legit, without big noting yourself. You need a small business copy sidekick.

I highly recommend
working with Emma.

Emma’s background in education and also the SEO work she specialises in was so helpful. My copywriting for my website speaks perfectly to my niche audiences. Her processes are all really clear, she has excellent communication and works to the timeframes set out. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Emma!


small business copywriter

Small business copywriting is perfect for:

  • Established and growing businesses needing copy for various projects or platforms.
  • Small business owners who want purposeful, audience-focused, strategy driven content.
  • Business owners who want their content SEO-optimised so they can get found online.
  • One-off projects or ongoing work.

Getting serious about your SEO

You want more people to find you and to build the authority of your brand. Sure, you could DIY – there are plenty of tutorials and courses online. But it’s time-consuming and it can be pretty technical at times.

So, when it comes to SEO, a DIY approach may not be the best way for you to spend your time – especially if your business is growing. It needs you at the helm, fully focused on the future. Let me take care of the rest.

Your questions, answered.

I’m fully trained in SEO and can optimise all your website and blog copy for both humans and Google.

Yes! We’ll work together on a strategy that aligns with your customer journey, to plan future content that offers value to your audience and serves a purpose, rather than just writing for the sake of writing.

I enjoy working with established small businesses in a broad range of industries from education to health and wellness, HR and coaching to architecture and design. If you need a copywriter who specialises in tech, finance or SaaS, I’ll happily refer you to a trusted writer in my network.

That depends on your project and my availability. There’s often a lead time of at least 2-3 weeks to begin a website project, but I may have a day rate or window for a small project available sooner. Get in touch with me as soon as you can, and we’ll take it from there.

I would highly recommend Emma’s writing skills to any small business.

Emma created social media and website content for my Personal Concierge business. She was very approachable and a pleasure to work with. Emma was a great communicator, ensuring my brief was met from the outset, and working her creative magic to inject the copy with personality.


Ready to banish overwhelm?

Of course you are!

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