Today’s guest on the Not Just About Copy podcast is Danielle Price.

With over 12 years of small business experience, Danielle has created an Australia-wide network of female founders at She Will Shine. An expert networker and elevator of women in small business, Danielle facilitates genuine connection and support, and is passionate about sharing and giving a voice to the real stories of Australian women business owners.

When it comes to empowering female founders and fostering human connection, Danielle does things differently. She believes in providing a platform for all women, not just the loudest people in a room. Her highly engaged community is a testament to her commitment: members flourish through personal and professional development, networking, social events and a non-judgemental space to be themselves – in business and in life.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Career evolution, including which paths Danielle followed – along with her ‘almost’ careers and her fear of success
  • Making decisions out of fear or love, and how to tell the difference
  • The power of words, conversation and asking great questions
  • How facilitating genuine connection trumps exchanging business cards any day!
  • The joy of embracing your own personality in day-to-day business writing
  • The similarities inherent in the processes of writing and graphic design, and
  • The importance of making time and space to create.

I loved this open and honest conversation with down-to-earth business owner and human, Danielle Price – and I’m sure you will, too.

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