Welcome back to the Not Just About Copy podcast. My guest for this episode – episode 13 – is Jo Simpson.

As a coach and facilitator, Jo works with leaders, individuals and organisations to tap into their creative potential.

Her business, YES CREATIVITY, is founded on the belief that creativity is an essential skill and everyone has creativity within them, but sometimes we need help harnessing our creative powers and building confidence in our creative ability. By learning the skills to tap into creativity, we can become better leaders, and bring innovative ideas to life.

With more than two decades of experience up to an executive level, in working in innovation and marketing for major global and local brands, and as a meditation teacher and educator, Jo brings a unique perspective to creativity, seeing the potential in bringing a creative mindset to every aspect of work and life.

Creativity is not just for creatives – it’s for everyone – and I think we could all use a fresh perspective on creativity. I learnt so much during my chat with Jo, and discovered many new ways to incorporate creative thinking into my days and weeks. Her enthusiasm is truly infectious.

We talk about:

  • Creativity as an antidote to uncertainty
  • How to think about creativity in a way that feels accessible, real and helpful
  • When and how we lose our natural childhood curiosity and sense of wonder – and how we can shake things up
  • The opportunity we have to develop a creative mindset and push boundaries even within constrained environments
  • How reframing a problem with creative language can stimulate, stretch and excite us, and
  • The need to separate divergent and convergent thinking – and how this relates to the writing process.

I guarantee this chat with Jo Simpson will get you thinking – I can’t wait to hear what resonates with you. Enjoy the episode!

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