Today’s guest on the Not Just About Copy podcast is Kirsty Fanton.

Kirsty is a launch copywriter, fellow copy coach, and ex-psychotherapist. She’s got a knack for understanding how humans work, selling things with words, and building her business around work that feels good.

I first came across Kirsty several years ago and took part in her signature program ‘Brain Camp’, which was a real game-changer for my business and helped me write better human-centred copy. These days I have Kirsty and her sidekick Amy Posner’s voices in my ears each week as they host the straight-talking Business Badassery podcast. I couldn’t wait to invite Kirsty to join me on my podcast for a chat about all things copy, language and connection.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How Kirsty prepared for and has evolved her business since the birth of her young son
  • Her career path from journalism to psychotherapy and then copywriting – and what instigated each new chapter 
  • Kirsty’s passion for experimenting, working things out and improving – and what that’s led her to understand and develop
  • Her desire to help people genuinely connect with their prospects in a deeper, more resonant way (and the problem with templates)
  • Copy as conversation – and why that’s so freeing as a concept
  • Why social proof and using the language of your prospects is one of the most effective tools you have in your small business tool belt, and 
  • How Kirsty’s built a thriving business that still weaves in so many moments of human connection.

Kirsty is such a warm, generous person and there’s so much value for small business owners in this chat – I’d love to hear what resonates with you once you’ve had a listen. So without further ado, here’s my conversation with Kirsty Fanton.

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