Today’s guest on the Not Just About Copy podcast is Sandy Hanrahan.

Sandy is a recovering corporate CFO and a passionate business coach. Having started her career as a corporate accountant, where she weaved her own brand of magic into the business world, Sandy grew tired of swimming upstream in the corporate world. She eventually dropped out and started her own consulting business working with small businesses and start-ups.

With a passion for helping business owners gain a better understanding of their finances, Sandy started Abundant Business Training with business partner Ash. ABT helps educate and empower business owners to gain control of their finances and build solid foundations to grow their businesses sustainably.

But Sandy doesn’t just talk business and finance, she also loves talking about intuition, energy and the power that words have to uplift and motivate us.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How negative internal dialogue or long-standing beliefs about maths or money can hold us back
  • The value of having an external listener reflect our ‘stories’ back to us
  • How getting visibility on your numbers actually makes you more successful
  • Combining practical financial knowledge with our own intuition, energetics and soul
  • Why it’s up to you to take inspired action (rather than waiting for the universe to provide!)
  • How we can move from a lack of confidence to empowerment when it comes to finances
  • Why heart and soul is so important to all businesses and how language can help capture the feeling of an organisation, and
  • How our children are being educated – or not – about money – and why we should care deeply about financial literacy.

Using a unique combination of real world practical knowledge and a cosmic dose of magic, Sandy will inspire you to see your business in a new light and start loving your finances! I know you’ll enjoy my conversation with Sandy Hanrahan.

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