In today’s episode, I share eight of my favourite tips for learning to love a blank page.
With the right strategies, you can start to see it as a blank canvas full of possibilities, rather than something fear-inducing.

We can put ourselves under so much pressure when it comes to writing – especially first drafts. It’s time we gave ourselves permission to write freely and without expectation. The first step in being courageous is being prepared to put something – anything – down on paper. Find out how to love a blank page.

Happy writing!

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    • Free content repurposing mini-course for strategies to make your content work smarter, not harder:
    • The 5-minute writing framework:
      • Start with a hook or a question to engage your audience. For example, Have you ever wondered…? or Did you know…?
      • Share an anecdote, personal story or piece of research. For instance, I first noticed this when…or The research tells us that…
      • The crux of your piece goes next – what’s your central idea. Flesh it out here for your audience.
      • Finish with offering an invitation – such as How could you try…or When could you?

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