Today’s guest on the Not Just About Copy podcast is Darby Lyndon.

Darby is a brand strategist and content marketer, passionate about turning great businesses into irresistible brands. Throughout her career, Darby has worked on marketing and brand strategies for some of Australia’s leading travel, property, and retail brands.

A hurdle she continued to face in the marketing world was trying to support clients who were unclear on their brand strategy. They were unsure of their target audience, confused about how to communicate and didn’t know what made their brand unique.

Now in her consulting business, Darby helps her clients get crystal clear on their brand strategy so that they can create effective marketing campaigns, connect with their audience on a deeper level, and have fun doing it!

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • How Darby transitioned into brand strategy consulting and where this has led her
  • Why understanding your brand first makes everything else in business that much easier
  • Simple – and fun – activities to develop or enhance a personality for your brand
  • How to create content pillars for your business so content creation becomes more purposeful and intentional
  • The (perhaps surprising) origins of branding and how it’s evolved, and
  • The two words Darby has on her mind right now.

Darby talks about brand in such an approachable way. Wherever you’re at in your business, from fledgling startup to very established, you’ll find something to take away from this episode.

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Resources mentioned:

  • The Good Sister by Sally Hepworth

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