Today’s guest on the Not Just About Copy podcast is Marie Nadal Sharma.

Marie is the founder and dedicated change-maker at Them You & Me, a digital marketing agency speaking friendly digital. She is passionate about using technology for good, emphasising the ‘what’ before the ‘how’ when enabling business owners with the digital skills and confidence to understand, implement and grow their business online, their way.

Marie is also a kind warrior and life coach, supporting people to align who they are – in life, at work and in the digital space. She is an open-hearted conversation enthusiast, aiming to make people feel truly heard, seen, supported and encouraged. She advocates for more kindness online, self-care in the digital space, and believes in leaving people better than she found them.

Marie is a traveller and adventurer at heart, keen shutterbug, gourmet foodie, design aficionado, enthusiastic salsa dancer and a disciplined boxer. If you think of yellow and croissants, you just may come across her!

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • How Marie feeds her curiosity and slows down to pay attention to what’s important
  • The challenges of connecting with others in our distracted, busy world
  • How Marie keeps things meaningful and authentic online
  • How you can create intentional content that works for your business – and matters to you
  • The concept of friendly digital and how Marie grew a successful digital marketing agency despite not having a technology background
  • How Marie helps small business owners dig deeper into understanding what they truly want
  • Marie’s recent journey into coaching and her surprising plans for the future.

Marie’s zest for life is truly infectious and she epitomises kindness – both online and off. I loved this conversation with Marie and I know you will too. If you do, make sure you take 30 seconds to leave a review on Apple podcasts – I read and appreciate them all.

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