Today’s guest on the Not Just About Copy podcast is Sophie Walker.

Sophie Walker is the founder and host of Australian Birth Stories, the podcast with over 10 million downloads that’s endorsed by the Australian College of Midwives. Sophie has a Masters in Public Health and a passion for encouraging women to actively prepare for birth and postpartum. Beyond the microphone she’s a mum to three rambunctious boys who create a lot of joy and mess.

This is not a conversation about Sophie’s birth story – for that and 300 other birth stories – check out Sophie’s brilliant podcast if that’s your thing. In this episode of Not Just About Copy, you’ll hear about:

  • Sophie’s transition from working in public health to podcast host and what prompted her to start Australian Birth Stories
  • How Sophie grew her podcast to 10 million downloads from a listenership of two
  • Sophie’s mission for the work she does and the impact she hopes to make when it comes to birth education
  • The challenges – and importance of – staying relevant, inclusive and up-to-date in such an ever-changing landscape
  • Sophie’s writing partner, how their collaboration works and how they’ve grown Australian Birth Stories together with a shared language
  • The challenges Sophie faces with writing including behind the scenes of her first book.

Now, on with today’s episode. 

I’ve known Sophie now for close to two decades and it’s been an absolute privilege to watch her business and personal journey unfold. Whether you’re a parent – or not – I know you’ll find wisdom and inspiration in this episode. If you love it, please make sure you take 30 seconds at the end to leave a review on Apple podcasts – I read and appreciate them all.

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