Today’s guest on the Not Just About Copy podcast is Dr Jacqueline Baulch.

Dr Jacqueline is a clinical psychologist and the director of Inner Melbourne Clinical Psychology. She is passionate about shifting the “hush-hush” atmosphere surrounding mental illness, emotions and vulnerability. Jacqueline believes that open and real conversations can spark hope and healing, and help us to feel less alone in this messy business of being a human.

In this episode of Not Just About Copy, you’ll hear about:

  • Jacq’s deep passion for mental health and open conversations
  • Her process for thought untangling, content planning and writing 
  • When Jacq trusts her own writing process and how she knows when to intervene
  • The different kinds of content she creates to engage people in mental health discussions
  • How Jacq has developed a tone of voice for writing content on behalf of her team
  • The ways in which the online space has become more vulnerable, raw and honest over the past few years – and what this means for us as humans
  • How the Co-writing Content Crew helped support her writing practice and kept her accountable.

This conversation is a bit special and different. Usually I conduct my interviews over Zoom but Jacq and I recorded this one in person while on a business retreat in Daylesford, Melbourne. It turned out to be the perfect setting for the intimate themes of our conversation. I love talking about mental health and was thrilled Jacq said yes to this chat. There are so many gems in this conversation. Enjoy!

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