Tait is a copywriter, content strategist, and content experience designer from Melbourne, Australia.

When he started out, he wrote radio, print, and TV ads. Now he plans, writes, and manages large website projects for big organisations with complex needs. He’s worked for gigantic multinationals, small businesses, arts organisations, ad agencies, start-ups, and the government. He is currently the content director at Today, a human-centred design consultancy that focuses on projects with social and environmental impact. 

Tait also wrote the copywriting book for small business, Copywrong to Copywriter. We’re very aligned in both wanting small businesses to clarify their message and communicate it clearly to their audience. In this episode, Tait shares practical advice and tips on better copywriting and we explore two really valuable concepts – collaborative writing and gathering feedback and information to inform your message. I bought Tait’s pink book years ago now and have read it many times – it’s a digestible masterclass in how to write for humans. I know you’ll enjoy my chat with Tait.

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