Kristy Robinson is a small business coach & consultant, speaker and podcast host. She’s also a lover of podcasts, personality tests and pounding pavements with her dog, Chia. 

Through her coaching programs and the Run Your Business Like a Boss podcast, Kristy helps small business owners wade through the messy middle to create a sustainable business they genuinely love. Kristy uses her vast experience in operations, coaching, leadership and entrepreneurship to help her clients identify ‘their version of success’, set meaningful goals that align with their vision and ultimately grow their business, ‘their way’.

Kristy is a mum of two, wife and founder of two businesses and she understands the entrepreneurship rollercoaster: Doing all the things and working all the hours, with too much overwhelm and too little fulfilment. Kristy’s conversations and strategies help small business owners take things to the next level, without the hustle and burnout.

In this episode, Kristy shares how her business has evolved into one that brings joy, meaning and purpose. She also peels back the curtain on her finely tuned content repurposing process. Kristy shares so much practical advice for small business owners who do a lot of their own content creation. Enjoy our conversation!

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