Viren Thakrar is the Founder of In The Game. He works with businesses to increase engagement in a hybrid world by getting teams to work better together. He’s most interested in supporting teams to come together more frequently in a meaningful way using games. Viren has more than 15 years of experience using applied psychology to improve team culture and performance. He loves video/board games, listening to and DJing house music, running and watching soccer.

In this energising episode, you’ll hear:

  • How uncovering psychology held the key to Viren’s future career
  • The characteristics of dysfunctional teams and what that can mean for business
  • How serious games can help people build trust and interpersonal communication
  • How Viren approaches planning in his business and how copy coaching fits into his 2023 marketing strategy
  • Where Viren gets all his content ideas from, and
  • How having a bare minimum frequency mindset has transformed his relationship with content creation.

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Resources mentioned:

  • Masters of Scale – podcast
  • Startup Therapy – podcast
  • Think Big, Start Small, Move Fast – book

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