Cass Ponton is the founder of podcast production group, Good Chat Media. Cass stumbled into podcasting almost by mistake, taking on a few odd jobs for clients in another business (in another life). She was as drawn to podcasting as she is drawn to her indoor jungle of house plants, so she dove into the big wide world of podcasting and never looked back.

When Cass is not managing the team or getting on the tools, you can find her at Melbourne’s best vegan cafes, chatting with impact-led businesswomen around the city and, of course, sipping too many oat lattes to count.

In this episode, Cass shares the value of podcasting as part of your small business visibility strategy. And even if you’ve got no plans to host a pod, keep listening because there’s so much value in being a guest on other podcasts. Cass shares loads of practical advice to help you showcase your best self in podcast conversations and other important considerations. Enjoy the episode!

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