Kaylene Langford is a proud Guringai woman, passionate entrepreneur, coach, writer and speaker, and the founder and owner of StartUp Creative, a hugely popular online platform, podcast, and print magazine that educates, inspires and supports creative entrepreneurs and future innovators. 

Kaylene has over a decade of experience coaching, educating and supporting individuals to identify and achieve their goals. Working with aspiring and established entrepreneurs, she genuinely believes everyone can achieve their potential and take control of their destiny.

Kaylene is a highly respected business coach, podcaster, educator and author whose work has given her unique insight into human behaviour. Her first book ‘How to Start a Side Hustle’ was published in July 2021 with Hardie Grant Books.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How a health-related wake-up call took Kay from corporate life to a love affair with entrepreneurship
  • How Kay has continually shifted her energy to find new opportunities, adapt and grow her business
  • Kay’s super-practical advice for business resilience in a tough economic climate
  • Strategies for navigating uncertainty and fatigue as a small business owner
  • How Kay stays creative – and how she measures the return on investment of these efforts.

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