Tess McCabe is a graphic and website designer with two decades of experience driving results for her small business and solopreneur clients. She is known for her creative, clear and concept-driven design work, as well as her sound business advice, reliability, critical-thinking skills, and friendly, collaborative working style. 

Tess also writes and designs books for creative professionals and small business owners through her publishing imprint Creative Minds. Her books, ‘Self-Promotion Without Social Media’, ‘Conversations with Creative Women’ and ‘Graphic Design Speak’ are available at bookstores around Australia. She loves good ideas and a strong cup of tea.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Why writing and publishing physical books has been so important to Tess
  • Why Tess has moved away from social media – and how she markets her business instead
  • How Tess approaches the process of book writing – and what’s on the post-it note stuck to her computer
  • The importance of finding a way to create that works from you 
  • How investing time in making 1:1 connections and developing various income streams has ensured the longevity of Tess’ business.

How you can connect with Tess:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tessmccabe/

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