Unless you’ve spent the past year living under a rock, if you’re a fellow Melbourne mama, it’s likely today’s guest needs no introduction. But just in case, Holly, aka Chief Mama of Motherhood Melbourne, is a woman on a mission. Mum of two gorgeous boys, Holly was determined to create a ‘hood where mamas could go for connection, support and also to ‘let their mum buns down’. A community that valued honest and real conversation about the way parenting changes your life. The ups, the downs and everything in between.

Holly’s a huge fan of collaboration and you may have seen us hanging out together in last year’s MM #hoodmamaEDIT. Bringing like-minded individuals and businesses together for the good of everyone is at the core of things for this awesome lady. In fact, this week there’s another exciting collaboration taking place. Be sure to play along and follow both our Insta-stories tomorrow!

In the meantime, I know you’ll be keen to hear from Holly, whether or not you’re a mama yourself. So pour that cuppa and enjoy!

In the work you do, how important are the right words?

Words are my everyTHANG! I can’t flatlay to save my life and I’m certainly not having my pic taken in front of funky walls and appearing all nonchalant. So, it’s through words that I try to connect and find my peeps. Whether it’s an email, social media or a blog post – words allow me to show my personality or work through all the noise in my head.

What gets you up in the morning?

At the moment it’s my new bub and toddler. Whoever is the loudest gets my attention first. After my fam-bam, it’s the rad ladies I’ve met through Motherhood Melbourne. This gig fulfils me in a way that no other ‘job’ has. I am someone who needs to have a fire in my belly or I will move on pretty darn quick.

What led you to your current career choice?

Motherhood Melbourne was never intended to run as a business. However, after a crazy social media pre-launch party, I woke up to lots of buzz (and a gazillion emails). I just knew it was going to be something spesh and that I needed to pull on my big girl pants and GO FOR IT. By day I create online learning at a not-for-profit and in between that and crazy kid life, I work on my other baby – Motherhood Melbourne.

What are the most effective ways you market your business?

I have never paid for marketing. Instead I’ve been able to spread the word via social media, collabs and good old word of mouth. Don’t underestimate that last one. Mums talk – a lot! And there’s nothing stronger than a recommendation from a fellow mama pal.

Email is another goodie. Social media is always changing, but if someone trusts you enough to let you into their inbox, then they like you – a lot. It’s more intimate and allows the relationship to grow beyond social media.

Lastly (soz I get excited about all this marketing jazz), gorgeous photographer friend Jess Worrall (#shamelessfriendplug), reminded me last year about the importance of our websites. A website is something that we do own and have control over, so don’t underestimate the power of it. It’s so important to tweak it and ensure that it attracts and keeps the right people.

How has the landscape of your industry changed since you began?

I only started this adventure a year ago and there’s been a lot of changes. Social media algorithms are always bonkers so I try not to worry about them too much. Plus, influencer marketing seems to be rampant. Everyone is pimpin’ something or other. In terms of the whole ‘motherhood’ space, there seems to be a lot more people joining in – bloggers, brand reps, influencers and so on. But I think it’s a great thing if they’re adding value. The more support, the better, I say.

You love a collaboration – what’s been your favourite so far?

Defs the #hoodmamaEDIT – which was a celebration of all things Melbourne. Bloggers and businesses working together to showcase people and goods. It was a lot of work but I admit that I do find logistics quite sexy. Nothing thrills me more than a detailed project plan. However, the real joy has come from the after effects. Seeing the pics being used on websites, news sites, in magazines and social media. Also, getting the loveliest emails from people involved who said that it opened them up to connecting with others and provided further biz opportunities. Makes my heart SIIIIIING!

What is the best piece of advice you could give to other freelancers/small business owners/mamas who hustle?

Value yo’ self! Do not assume that someone is more successful or deserving of success because of some numbers on a social media app. Pfft…

Also, assume that people will want you to succeed. I reached out to 50 businesses to help me launch Motherhood Melbourne. None of them knew me and they all said YES! Because people are kind. Just ask because you never know where it may lead.

That is all…mic drop.

Keen to join the ‘hood or learn more? Go on, check it out!

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