LinkedIn profile coaching services Emma McMillan

LinkedIn profile coaching services

It’s time you stood out with a profile that feels and sounds like YOU

So you’ve landed on LinkedIn as your preferred social platform (I’m with you) but your bio sounds boring, generic or like it’s stuck in 2018. Let’s fix that. 

Make this year the one you stand out and clearly communicate your personal brand on LinkedIn – with a clear, concise and compelling profile that actually sounds and feels like you. In this two-session bite-size coaching offering, I’ll guide you as your LinkedIn coach to write a headline and About summary you love with a message you can truly own and share well beyond the LinkedIn platform itself.

So, how do you know if you need LinkedIn profile coaching services?

Perhaps these are the kind of thoughts you have swirling around your head:

  • Is my headline strong enough?

  • Is my message clear?

  • How do I differentiate myself?

  • How do I talk about myself without feeling – or sounding – icky?

  • What kind of call-to-action is appropriate?

An objective expert eye can give you the insights you’re after – in two 60-minute laser-focused LinkedIn profile coaching sessions.

Once you’ve nailed a bio you love, use it everywhere!

You can easily repurpose it for your website, a speaker pack, podcast pitch – it’s as easy as that (and why wouldn’t you?!).

As your copy coach, I’m here to guide you through the writing process. Along the way, you’ll develop your copy skills and key messages, along with your confidence and self-expression.

  • Become a better writer and thought articulator

  • Build confidence to clearly communicate your key messages and value to your audience

  • Develop your writing style and voice – one that truly reflects you.

Sounds pretty good, right? 

What’s included in LinkedIn Profile Coaching?

You’ll walk away from your second session with a completed LinkedIn profile headline and About section you’re excited about and ready to share right away. But there’s something else, too. Through this process, you’ll get much-needed clarity around who you are, what you do and your point of difference. This has the power to change the way you can speak about yourself in a professional context moving forward – yep, with confidence!

In practical terms, here’s what we’ll explore and work on together:


Identify what’s working (if you have an existing profile) and opportunities for improvement.


Clarify your USP – unique selling proposition  – essentially, what makes you YOU.


Articulate your skills, strengths, value, offering and key messages.


Improve readability, flow and ensure a consistent tone of voice.


Step 1: Book your first session

At the time of booking, you’ll complete a questionnaire to get the ball rolling and the cogs turning – for us both.

Step 2: Let’s prepare

Before we meet, gather your thoughts – no matter how scattered – in a Google doc and share it with me. Meanwhile I’ll be stalking you on LinkedIn so I come to our session fully prepared.

Step 3: See you in Session 1

Expect to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in together – we’ll be collaborating live in Google Docs. In our first session, we’ll tackle some fundamentals – so we’re both super clear on your key messages, strengths, skills and value proposition. From there we’ll sketch out a draft profile for you to go away and write up.

Step 4: The ball’s in your court

Give it your best shot as you expand on our draft. There’s no judgement of your writing – but the more you can draft up in the document, the more impactful your final session will be.

Step 5: Let’s meet and consolidate in Session 2

We’ll tighten up your profile and add a snappy headline. In this session, we’ll look closely at the flow, information hierarchy and tone of voice to pull it all together. No matter where you are on your writing journey, I’ll meet you there.

I now feel a lot more confident communicating about what I do professionally – and I’m thinking about it more clearly now, too. It was more helpful than I can express.

I was finding it difficult to clearly articulate what it is I do and I also wanted an objective perspective on how my messaging lands – in terms of tone, authenticity and professionality. I need to be proactive in seeking out work – and I couldn’t do that until I’d gotten clearer about how I communicate what I offer.

The process was so helpful, especially the honest feedback and encouragement, plus clear pointers about what’s not working and what to aim for. I write well when I have clear parameters, and your help to identify those parameters was incredibly useful. I now feel a lot more confident communicating about what I do professionally – and I’m thinking about it more clearly now, too.

I really appreciated your patience and understanding. Probably like most small business owners, I shift between being confident and excited about my business, and feeling much more uncertain. You caught me during the latter phase – and I really appreciated your supportive and non-judgmental approach. Thank you sooo much – it really was more helpful than I can express.


LinkedIn profile coach Emma McMillan

LinkedIn Profile Coaching services are for those who:

  • Want an expert pair of objective copy coaching eyes to help optimise their current LinkedIn profile (or create one from scratch)

  • Want to create an impactful bio that can be repurposed and used in multiple places (About page, proposals, pitches) for a consistent online presence

  • Want to road-test the process of working together before investing in a 3-month 1:1 Copy Coaching series.


Two 60-minute sessions, plus a completed LinkedIn profile headline and About section you’re excited about and ready to share right away.

Your investment
$770 AUD (Includes GST for Australian businesses)

Your questions, answered.

Provided you keep the document moving in between sessions, absolutely. We may even have time to look at an additional section of your profile – let’s see how we go.

No! And that’s the best bit. Although we’ll customise this version for LinkedIn, once you’ve got the bones of your bio sorted, you’ll feel like you want to share it everywhere online (and even shout it from the rooftops, perhaps!). Writing about ourselves is tricky – I’m here to help it feel easier for you.

It could absolutely be a starting point. However, you might want to explore 1:1 Copy Coaching (3-month series) or joining Not Just About Copy: The Community (a content writing membership for small businesses) for more sustained support that can span multiple pieces of copy for your business or role.

I gained confidence in my ability to write and articulate my thoughts

I came to you because I felt like my writing didn’t reflect the true me. I wanted support and advice on how to write in my voice. Through working together, I gained confidence in my ability to write and articulate my thoughts. I have had some not-so-great coaching experiences in the past, but this was so different. I loved your warm, open and nurturing approach. You made me feel at ease with the level of skill I had.


Want a bio you can finally feel proud of?

Let’s do this