Get copy confident in your small business with…

Not Just About Copy: The Foundations Course

A self-paced online copywriting course for business owners and freelancers who want to write better copy with more purpose, know-how and ease.

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‘I now feel comfy being ‘me’ when writing copy. I trust what I have to say is valuable.’


Inside this self-paced online course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Craft a meaningful value proposition (USP) that clearly articulates how you serve your audience

  • Extract audience insights (voice of customer) to help you write *truly* resonant copy

  • Articulate – and get comfy with – your unique tone of voice and key messages

  • Audit your existing copy assets (website, emails and more) for maximum impact – and minimal friction

  • Clarify your content pillars (i.e. themes) so you’re excited to sit down and write

  • Implement content repurposing strategies, time-saving hacks and instant ideas for when you’re just not feeling it.

PLUS, you’ll automatically get access to any future course updates to keep your skills up-to-date – for as long as it lives online. Hooray!

Here’s what people say…

‘I was aware there was much to learn and improve with my writing, so this was a direct solution to my challenge. Your content was so practical, achievable and realistic – this was the best part. In other courses, I’ve been a bit frustrated by complexity. I received all I had hoped plus so much more, including strategies and techniques I can continue to implement on my own…there’s been a massive shift in clarity on what to write about – and how.’


‘I learnt so much about the structures, systems and processes that are part of writing online for a business. Learning about content pillars was such an ah-ha moment. I’d been struggling with my socials and knew I needed a plan, but I didn’t know what I didn’t know…I now have clarity and a sense of purpose around the writing I am doing. I also have a better picture of how to plan, organise and repurpose my content.’


‘I was already a follower and listener of your content, so trusted that you had a lot of knowledge and wisdom to share. I felt I would be getting valuable advice from a great teacher that would help me grow my skillset in a new marketing position. My expectations were exceeded! I now have a regular writing practice and confidence knowing that having words on the page means I have something to edit.’


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Hey there, I’m Emma.

Copy coach. Teacher. Guide.

Here’s what I believe: Everyone can write better. That’s why rather than do it for you, I’m here to help you write better copy for your business.

I bring 12 years of teaching experience to the table, plus seven years of running a successful copywriting business. This means I understand how people learn, as well as the realities of small biz life. It’s a pretty unique skill set and I’m running with it. 

Want to write better copy for your small business? You’re in the right place, friend.

Let’s peel back the curtain – here’s exactly what’s inside this online copywriting course for small biz

It starts with you

The first step towards being able to communicate consistently and clearly is being able to understand your business – from the inside out. Once you know what you stand for and offer, you can start developing a message you can get behind.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Refocus your attention back on the inner workings of your business
  • Get clarity on what you offer AND how it’s different
  • Hone in on the benefits for your clients or customers.

Copy is conversation

Copy is an opportunity to connect and engage with your audience. It’s time to reflect on your key messages to make sure two things are true: 

  • They are meaningful to you
  • They resonate with your ideal prospects.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Look with a super-focused lens at your clients and their challenges
  • Use valuable feedback and insights from your clients to infuse your key messages
  • Check in with, reflect on and evolve your tone of voice.

Purposeful copy

Writing copy takes time – a precious resource for all small businesses. That’s why planning and purposeful creation are better than any ad hoc approach. A good understanding of copywriting fundamentals will help give you the confidence and know-how to execute! Let’s do this.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Explore the fundamentals that underpin all good copy
  • Assess the copy assets you have on hand and identify any gaps or opportunities
  • Reflect on or establish content pillars to focus your content for the next quarter and beyond.

What makes copy, copy?

Copy is not the same as creative writing. Far from it. This module dives deep into two key copy assets you have in your business – email and websites – that take centre stage when it comes to prospect and client interactions. With the right strategy, you can optimise this copy so it connects, engages and converts.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Explore email best practices so your emails get opened, read and acted upon
  • Assess your current website copy and identify any key gaps or opportunities
  • Reflect on how your content targets each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Connect, engage & convert

Social media is just one component of your wider content marketing strategy – one that facilitates engagement in an easily digestible way. Social platforms such as LinkedIn and Instagram can be a great space to start conversations, make connections, promote your brand and build your community – especially when you set clear goals from the outset.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Assess how social media fits into your content marketing strategy
  • Learn the difference between various platforms and how to optimise your LinkedIn and Instagram experience
  • Reflect on your goals for social media and what a sustainable social strategy looks like.

Consistent creation

Creating content for your small business needs to feel sustainable – and easeful. Otherwise, there’s every chance it will sit permanently at the bottom of the list. With a bunch of tools and tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be prepared for any content creation project. Need content in a hurry? Use a time-saving hack. Want to make the most of what you’ve got? Repurpose!

In this module, you’ll:

  • Discover strategies to support easy and quick idea generation
  • Explore practical tools and tips to help you write quicker – and better
  • Find out how to get more bang for your buck by repurposing the content you create.

‘For the first time ever, I have a good tactical plan rather than just winging it each week.’


Plus, by signing up you’ll get this cracking bonus:

My favourite copywriting tools, apps & tech video training

A 30-minute vid that walks you through how I use my favourite 15 tools, apps & tech to write for my business, plus a ready reference checklist.

My favourite copywriting tools, apps and tech bonus video training

Get instant access to the Not Just About Copy: The Foundations Course

The Course

  • Easy to follow videos
  • Workbook with various copywriting, business and marketing activities
  • Templates and prompts to help you create your copy foundations
  • All the tools you need to feel more copy confident.

$385 (+GST)
Payment plan available

Ready to be copy confident?

Now, here’s the thing. There are loads of online copywriting courses out there.

But here’s what you should know. Just being a copywriter doesn’t automatically equip you to create or teach a course. 

That’s why this course – developed and delivered by a copywriter, business owner AND teacher – is different.

Here’s how:

  • It builds logically from one module to the next with clearly defined outcomes so you get WHY you’re doing something.
  • Activities and prompts align directly with the module content so you’re taking action on what you’re learning to make it stick.
  • You’re encouraged to develop your own workable templates and documents that are meaningful to you.
  • Everything is broken down and explained in a way that makes sense for small business owners, freelancers and in-house marketers.

Sound good?

Not Just About Copy: The Foundations Course is for…

  • Small business owners who have loads of content to write but lack skills or confidence
  • Members of marketing and communications teams or other businesses who need to write regular content and would love some guidance to do so.
Copywriting course online

You may not be a ‘confident writer’ or know the ‘right way’ to write copy.

Let me start by saying, there’s no one right way – but there are plenty of things that can help.

Because I’ve got a feeling even when the creative juices are flowing and you get in the zone, there’s every chance your social post, email or blog post ends up where so many pieces of writing do…unpublished and sitting in a Google Drive folder. 

Wouldn’t it be great to sit down to write – and feel like you know what you’re doing? Imagine having your audience and a clear purpose in mind, the structures in place to craft your work and the confidence that you know how to do this.   

I would love this for you, too.

Here’s what people say…

‘What’s changed or shifted? My ability to feel comfy with being ‘me’ when writing copy and trusting my gut that what I have to say is valuable. The tasks were achievable and valuable – and explained how various techniques could be applied to small businesses specifically.’


‘Emma is a highly-skilled, captivating and knowledgeable sharer who expertly knew how to engage the audience and the content was SO useful. We all agreed Emma’s guidance would help us to impact more effectively, work more productively and hone our messages. Emma is a master of copy and of coaching others to write.’


‘It was so helpful to hear Emma’s insights and expert advice on how to write website copy with the intended user in mind. She was very generous in sharing tips on how to obtain valuable client testimonials for your site. Emma’s professional and clear presentation style keeps her audience engaged.’


Your questions, answered.

The time commitment for the course may vary depending on your individual learning pace and the time you can dedicate to work through it. As a guide, if you were to spend 2 hours each week on the course material (videos and activities), you’d get through the six modules in around six weeks. However, since the course is self-paced, you can treat it like an intensive or spread it out – whatever suits you.

As the course provides immediate access to all materials, we do not offer course refunds. However, we’re confident the course will enhance your copywriting abilities, as well as improve your writing confidence and habits if you work through the all modules and activities.

This course is designed for small business owners who have loads of content to write but may lack the necessary skills or confidence. It’s also useful for members of marketing and communications teams who need to write regular content and would appreciate expert guidance to do so effectively.

This course is suitable for aspiring and emerging copywriters and offers valuable insights, techniques and strategies to help you become a more effective, well-rounded copywriter.

This course offers a holistic approach to copy, content and marketing. While there is some specific guidance and examples provided, this is not a paint-by-numbers copywriting course full of headline and sales page formulas. The course focuses on best practice, with an emphasis on finding ‘your’ way to communicate with your audience.

Ready to feel copy confident in your small business?