You’re in the market for a copywriter, but how do you know what to look for?

Here are 5 qualities any great copywriter should have

When you first started out, paying someone to write your website copy was an expense you couldn’t justify. Makes sense. But, you’re out of that basic survival phase and thinking it could pay to get an expert on board. Because words? They’re not your thing. But for a copywriter, they’re a match made in heaven. Think chocolate and peanut butter, poached eggs and avo, or hot sauce and, well, anything.

Or, you’re part of a marketing or communications team, stretched to the limit and you need some content support. Someone to develop consistent SEO-optimised blog posts or emails, who won’t be whisked away onto another project. An external copywriter could be the answer.

A bit bamboozled about where or how to start? There are so many copywriters out there. So, before you commit, here are the five qualities of a great copywriter to keep in mind when searching for your wordsmith.

Good listening skills

This one may not be obvious. But, in the beginning, your copywriter should be doing a whole lot of listening. This will be peppered with questions, of course, but you’ll get the space to finish your thoughts without rushing. You should have the chance to speak freely about your project, the challenges you’re facing in your team or business and the solution you’re looking for. Only then can we truly know if we’re the best person to help you – and the best strategy for our collaboration.

Copywriting chops

If you’re someone who needs oodles of physical proof, please don’t be offended if some copywriters push back at some point when you ask for work samples. Our time is precious. And, let’s face it. Our websites, blog and testimonials are legitimate proof that we’re serious copywriters. While we may also have a portfolio or links to show you, we won’t create new unpaid work samples, just for you.

Clear communication

I love that my clients know how important this is to me. I expect it whenever I’m the client, so I always work to deliver it whenever I can. I’m talking about prompt responses to your emails and phone calls and generally being easy to work with. Check out the testimonials on a website for evidence before submitting the contact form. Once you’ve been in touch, are you getting all your questions answered and are you clear on timelines and process? If the answer’s yes, you’re probably on to a winner.

A thorough briefing process

The better the brief, the better the copy. So, don’t panic when you get served a hefty briefing form or asked to schedule a briefing call. To write you the absolute best copy for your business, we need the inside scoop and you’re the best person for that. Taking the time to give a thorough brief in the beginning will be worth it in the end with copy that speaks to your audience in a tangible way.

Experience – in copywriting and beyond

When it comes to copywriting, experience can come in many forms. While specific copywriting experience is a big plus, a background in another industry is a bonus! Training in psychology or education, for instance, provides depth to a copywriter’s expertise. Teaching’s where I nailed my processes and time management. It was also my training ground for creating and delivering engaging content, day in, day out to all kinds of audiences.

Look out for these qualities in your search for a copywriter and you’ll be on track for a smooth process and a fantastic outcome.

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