The Not Just About Copy Podcast

The Not Just About Copy Podcast2023-01-30T11:25:04+11:00

An original podcast series with copywriter and copy coach, Emma McMillan

Welcome to the Not Just About Copy podcast.

This is a copywriting podcast, but it’s so much more than that. At its heart, this is a podcast all about connection. How we use words to connect with others, and the lasting impact words can have on us.

  • It’s about empowering you to write better.

  • It’s about learning to love a blank page and its possibilities.

  • It’s about finding joy in words and language.

You’ll hear conversations with business owners and others that will inspire you to reflect on your relationship with words and on how connection shows up for you. Solo copy coaching episodes with me will give you actionable tips and strategies to write better copy, with more flow, confidence and a sense of fun.

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the not just about copy podcast

Meet your host: Emma McMillan

I’m an educator, copywriter, copy coach and copywriting podcast host who believes every small business deserves great copy.

A former teacher of 12 years, I’ve run my successful copywriting business since 2016. In my work as a copy coach, I empower individuals with the skills, confidence and accountability they need to connect authentically – and consistently – with their audience. My unique skillset gives me a deep understanding of both how people learn and the realities of small business life.

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