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When it comes to your website copy, do any of these sound familiar?

  • My brand has evolved and the copy’s not aligned anymore…but writing isn’t my thing.
  • I need some help getting clear on my message – it’s too hard on my own.
  • I feel I’m a good writer but I need someone objective to bring my thoughts to life.
  • I can provide information if someone can ‘translate’ it into well written content.
  • I don’t want to spend hours trying to perfect it myself (and probably get myself in a spin about it). I just want to focus on my core business and take the pressure off.

You don’t need to get yourself in a spin about it.

Sounds like it’s time to get some help from an experienced website copywriter.

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Imagine having a website you feel so proud of, you jump on social media to share it straight away.

You want a website that truly reflects your growing business and how you show up to serve others. And one that’s written in a way both humans and Google will love. Imagine the process of creating that website being enjoyable. Easy. Collaborative. It can be all of these things.

You see, in a way, it’s copy done for you. But it’s really done with you.

With a clear vision, timeline and process.


The done-for-you website copywriting process


Once you’ve paid your commencement invoice, we’ll kick things off with an in-depth briefing over Zoom where I’ll uncover a complete picture of your business. Don’t be surprised if you get to know your business even better through this process – it happens! Perhaps I should call it a business clarity session…


I’ll get stuck into customer research, mining testimonials and reviews (and surveying/interviewing your customers if you’ve selected that option) for customer language that’ll make your copy pop. This is when SEO keyword research happens if that’s in the plan.

Copywriting & collaborative revisions

I’ll write the first draft of your copy, checking in with you along the way if needed. Once you’ve had a chance to review it, we’ll meet on Zoom chat to debrief your feedback and amends to make sure we’re on the same page. There are two further rounds of revisions included so your final copy sounds just right. Any questions and I’m just an email away.

Dot the i’s and cross the t’s

Once you’ve finalised payment, the copy’s all yours to pass on to your designer or developer. Don’t forget to let me know when you’re ready for a final proofread of your site. In the meantime, I’ll pop into your inbox with a feedback questionnaire to get your thoughts on the process of working together.

The voice of customer data was so insightful and worth the extra expense

I’ve had patchy wording on my website for five years now and I was really looking for cohesive, strategic and professional sounding copy. I hadn’t hired a copywriter before but I felt safe and comforted throughout the process with Emma. It was both interesting and exciting being on the other end of a very professional service based provider with a lot of heart in her work. I thoroughly enjoyed everything that was delivered but the voice of customer data was SO INSIGHTFUL. It was worth the extra expense as it made such a huge difference – seeing how the language my clients use was worked into the copy.


Melbourne SEO website copywriter Emma Melbourne

Done-for-you website copywriting is perfect for established business owners who:

  • Are in the process of rebranding and levelling up and are clear on their value proposition
  • Want SEO-optimised copy so they can be found online
  • Don’t have the time – or desire – to invest in copy coaching but can still commit to a collaborative briefing and revisions process.


  • Detailed briefing questionnaire + 60-minute Zoom call with you
  • Customer research (various levels of research available – let’s chat)
  • Report of customer research insights
  • Up to 500 words of SEO-optimised copy per page
  • 2 x rounds of collaborative amends
  • Your website copy in copy deck format, just how your developer likes it
  • Title and meta descriptions
  • Professional proofreading
  • Final check of copy once loaded to your site

Your investment
From $3497 for a 5-page website

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DONE-FOR-YOU COPYWRITING EXTRAS (quote on application)

  • Don’t have an SEO agency already engaged?
    Add SEO keyword research to optimise your copy

  • Will you be outsourcing copy to a team or contractor?
    Capture your brand in a user-friendly Tone of Voice Guide

  • When did you last share some thought leadership?
    Add 4 x blogs for your website to drive traffic and engage visitors

  • Want an opt-in to help build your list?
    Add a lead magnet and welcome email sequence

Custom request? Let me know >

Your questions, answered.

I’m glad you asked. I’m fully trained in SEO, so I know exactly how to optimise your website so it will actually get found online. I’ll also be sure to explain all the ins and outs to you in plain language that just makes sense. Whether you need SEO keyword research and a strategy or need me to implement an existing strategy, I can help. No question is a silly one when it comes to understanding how SEO can work for your website and business.

When it comes to done-for-you copy, I work with established businesses in a variety of industries – from HR professionals to designers, online business managers to coaches. To get the best out of working with me, you’ll have existing customer data (like reviews, testimonials etc.) and clarity on your brand and value proposition. If you’re not quite there yet, why not explore copy coaching where I work with small business owners at all stages of their journey.

I would love that! My copy coaching offerings can equip you with the copy skills and confidence to be able to write for your small business – and actually hit publish! By learning some copy fundamentals from an experienced copywriter and teacher, you’ll no longer need to outsource your copywriting every time.

I only take on 1-2 website copywriting projects at a time, so you may have a wait time of 6-8 weeks before we can get started. Rest assured, once it’s your turn you’ll have my complete attention on your business and website. Need your website copy now? If you go the copy coaching route, we can usually get the process much quicker. I’ll be by your side supporting you to write your copy in a series of 1:1 sessions over Zoom. Find out more about copy coaching.

I now have much more clarity on what I do and a website that articulates this

I was looking for a copywriter as I was changing my brand and positioning to align with how my work has evolved and writing isn’t my forte. I’ve worked with various writers in the past but, for a website overhaul, I think it’s really important the writer takes the time to really understand you. Our calls played a key part in ensuring you knew me, my personality and what I was trying to achieve. Compiling all my services information to share with you and the process of explaining it was so helpful for me, too. As a result of our work together, I have much more clarity on what I do and a website that articulates this.


Want a website you can feel proud of?

Of course you do!

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