What is copy coaching and how does it work?

Just when it seemed most small businesses had a handle on copywriting and how it works, I threw a giant spanner in the works. I changed up my business and landed on a new identity – copy coach. What was I thinking?! So, what is copy coaching and how does it work? I can’t answer on behalf of all the copy coaches out there (there are a few more than there first were). But I’m certain we want similar things for our clients – for them to develop their copy skills and confidence.

Why the term ‘copywriting coach’?

While there’s no one-size-fits-all response to the term, here’s what it means to me and those who embark on the copy coaching journey with me.

I consider myself your support and guide as we work together. My coaching style is a blend of mentoring, instruction and coaching and is informed by my long history as a small business owner and former career as a secondary teacher. This means I can incorporate business strategy when it comes to thinking about your content approach, and I understand how to break things down into digestible concepts. Check out the Not Just About Copy podcast to hear me in action.

I also love alliteration and thought the term ‘copy coach’ was pretty catchy!

Why work with a copywriting coach?

With so much of our lives and work online, there’s never been a better time to become a better writer. And that goes for all small business owners – and, in fact, anyone who writes as part of their role. Think about how often you write emails. Daily, if not hourly. Client pitches. Proposals. Website updates. Social media posts. It’s a lot, right?

If you’re running a small business, that can sometimes feel lonely and overwhelming. While outsourcing particular responsibilities is a viable option, you might actually enjoy writing but seek some guidance. Or you might figure, while you can afford to outsource some of your copy, it would be prohibitive to get the whole task off your plate.

Working with a copywriting coach can help you take ownership of your writing. It can help you develop copywriting skills, along with confidence and sustainable content creation habits to bring joy and ease to the process.

  • Imagine having the accountability to write regular copy and put it out into the world.
  • Picture yourself bouncing ideas around with a copywriting coach who can provide an objective perspective and guide you along the way.
  • What if sitting down to write no longer felt daunting, but instead filled you with confidence and clarity?

While there is undoubtedly a place for done-for-you copy, the goal of copy coaching is to empower you, so you no longer need to outsource all your copywriting (or go for months without sending a newsletter…anyone?). By learning from someone like myself, you can develop your toolkit tailored to your unique needs, allowing you to take full control of copy and content writing for your small business.

What are the benefits of copy coaching vs done-for-you copywriting?

Copy coaching offers three key benefits compared to done-for-you copywriting.

Develop your own skills and confidence

Copy coaching allows you to evolve your writing skills by providing guidance on refining your tone of voice and developing key brand messages. Actionable feedback on your writing helps you to write better copy in the future. Both of these things help you to confidently represent your brand online and create a consistent and engaging presence.

Get accountability and support

Copy coaching provides accountability and support, offering processes, advice, strategies, tips, and templates to make writing more accessible and motivating. It also gives you the chance to uncover and address your writing blocks while discovering what inspires you. This support helps you stay on track and achieve your writing – and bigger small biz – goals.

Build stronger audience connections

Copy coaching emphasises authenticity and joy in your writing. By writing about your business from a place of authenticity, you can foster genuine connections with your audience, creating a stronger bond and trust. Warning: This may lead to increased motivation to write and share with your audience!

Ultimately, copy coaching supports you to develop your writing skills, provides accountability and support, and enables you to create authentic and engaging copy that resonates with your audience. It also helps you to understand your copy and content priorities as they align with your small business goals.

How do I know if I need copy coaching support in my small business?

If you’re a small business owner, there’s a chance some of these feelings are familiar to you:

Copywriting skills are lacking

Copywriting can sometimes feel like an enigmatic skill exclusive to copywriters, almost like a dark art. The complexities of copywriting structures, processes and SEO can leave you uncertain about how to apply them to your own context.

Unclear on your message

Marketing can feel impossible when you’re unclear about your message, unique selling proposition, and how to authentically reflect your values in your writing. Without content pillars or a solid plan, your ad hoc posts may fail to resonate with your audience, leaving you feeling a bit ‘meh’ about it all.

Confidence is wobbly

While you enjoy writing, you may self-sabotage by failing to carve out dedicated time for writing or second-guessing yourself when it’s time to press ‘send’ or hit ‘publish’. It doesn’t have to feel this way!

Just plain stuck

Feeling overwhelmed, you tend to over-complicate everything. There’s no system in place for creating and repurposing content – not to mention effective strategies and habits. So, you’re starting from scratch each time, which feels daunting. It’s tempting to avoid it altogether.

Playing it safe

You struggle to form deep connections because you’re trying to reach everyone. However, you know deep down that this approach won’t work for engaging and converting a dedicated audience. Your brand’s calls-to-action either feel overly salesy…or they’re nonexistent.

Who is copy coaching not suitable for?

Copy coaching isn’t for everyone. If you’re not interested in upskilling, you’re super time-poor or you just don’t enjoy writing, done-for-you copywriting may be a better fit. While that’s not what I offer these days, there are lots of fabulous copywriters out there. What I’ve noticed though, is that copy coaching has been a game-changer for small business owners of all kinds (psychologists, web designers, physiotherapists, coaches, learning designers, brand designers and many, many more!) seeking accountability and the skills to lift their DIY copy game.

How copy coaching works a.k.a. my process

Copywriting coaching with me is a gender-inclusive, neuro-affirming space where my skills in teaching and copywriting intersect. I love to work with curious people who value collaboration, reflection, learning and taking action.

What does my process actually entail?

While it’s personalised to the needs of each client, we follow a framework that encompasses the five themes below – because it’s not just about copy (but maybe you already knew that!). Our sessions are a space for reflection, question-asking, learning and building on what you already know.

Copywriting skills

Learn simple frameworks and structures for writing better copy. This might also involve developing content pillars and marketing themes that align with the values and goals of your business. I’ll support you to create your own templates, systems and writing habits to help you create and repurpose copy with greater ease.


Learn how to gather client feedback that’s actually useful, then we’ll deep dive into voice of customer data to draw out insights for your key messages. Get clarity on your audience, the purpose of your copy and your tone of voice so your message connects and engages with the right people.


Everyone can write better, including you. We’ll unpack and question the stories you’ve been telling yourself so you can give yourself permission to get on with writing and creating – minus the overthinking! Discover simplicity, ease and self-kindness in the way you create and show up for your audience which builds confidence and trust in your work.


Expectations, schmexpectations – they’re not serving you. We’ll explore strategies to help you write more efficiently and you’ll learn how to plan your content so it’s meaningful and strategic, not reactive. Hint: It’s partly about establishing a realistic minimum frequency that works for you – not for someone else.


Copy is conversation. You can engage regularly with your audience, once you find ‘your way’. You’ll learn when and how to sell in a way that feels good. You’ll also begin to see copy as a way to share your business values, attracting a community of aligned, like-minded clients, client retention and referrals.

Find out more about how the process works.

Who am I to guide you on your small business copywriting journey?

As a seasoned copywriter with six years of successful business experience and twelve years of teaching under my belt, copy coaching is where my expertise and passion converge.

But I also understand the frustrations of feeling stuck, going in circles, or procrastinating when it comes to writing. Yep, it’s true. And when I first launched my own website, I grappled hard with what to write, how to step into my tone of voice and the messages to share. I wish I’d had a copy coach of my own back then, someone for guidance, to bounce ideas off, and be accountable to.

My copy coaching approach encourages you to embrace your authentic self, honouring your unique writing style and challenges. Whether you’re an emerging or established business owner, or you write in another context (in-house marketer for example), I’m here to support you.

Drawing on my teaching background, I’m known for breaking things down into manageable steps. Detailed pre-work, such as questionnaires, means sessions are tailored to your learning style and concerns. In-between support keeps the momentum going and gives you that all-important feedback as you start to implement your learnings and find your flow.

Copy coaching offers you the opportunity to take control of your small business writing, connect with your audience authentically and move towards your small business goals. Develop your copy skills, confidence and habits with a supportive expert by your side.

Over to you

Would this approach work for you and your business? Why or why not? Let me know. Ready for some support? Explore the copy coaching options.